Fundamental Guides for marriage Preparation- 2018

    In marriage preparation, you should be careful on how you should choose your partner. Consider the following features whether the person is religiously, physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and morally fit to beside you as your partner.

Age Level

    It is advisable to marry somebody who is not fifteen years over you. Physically, the person would be weak to support you financially, sexually in the near future. If your partner is too young, people will begin to gossip about it. On the part of the women, one will not feel comfortable for somebody like one after her instructing and commanding her. In marriage preparation, age should be consider.


    Is he or her chaste? Is he or she honest? What has been his past records? Has he or she traits of character that will make you happy? Does he or she fear God? Will his or her thoughts and purposes, be preserved pure and holy?

Blood Broup

    Would-be couples should endeavor to check their blood group for the sake of reproduction and for the purpose of establishing future healthy generation. According to some pieces of advice from Doctors, those with negative must marry to partners with negative (O- – O-), (O+ – O+) and positive to positive.


    Ask yourself, has he made the necessary preparation toward marriage? Does he have his own accommodation? Or sleeps with friends? Is he staying in the same room or house with his family members? You should know this, does his or her utterances carry wisdom? Or does she know how to keep home? The lady knows how to entertain visitors?
    Does she know how to cook? Does she know some cultural practices? Is she selective? Can she adjust herself to certain things? Is she manageable? Does he or she know how to control his or her temper? Who are his or her friends? What is their lifestyle? Are they mature? Are they those who control him?


    What is the motive behind of choosing me as his or her partner? Is it driven by love or passion? Is it that he wants to parasite my wealth? Your partner think about his or her individual interest? Or does he or she care? That person keep his promise? Your partner fear God? How does he treat his mother or sisters? Is there any good relationship between him and her mother? Does he feel shy to introduce me to friends or family members?


    He or she should know how long have l known him or her (it should not be less than one year). Do I know his or her parents, friends, siblings or family members? How do they welcome me? Do they accept and appreciate my company? Does he usually demand for sex? There man usually touch my body especially erotic parts? Does he want us to stay in secret places and in darkness? Does he wants me stay late in the night with him? Am I sure he is not dating another lady?


    In marriage preparation, you should ask yourself these questions, does he or she believe in God? Is he a mutual Christian or a nominal church member? Do you share the same faith? He or she talks with you about God? He takes heed to the doctrine of the church or the word of God? Your partner involve in the programs of the church? Has he or she just began attending church with you because we want to get marry?


    You should factor this also in your marriage preparation, is he or she educated? Note that women look at somebody in a lofty position in education, but the men fix their eyes down to somebody with a little education. Has he learned some trade or a handiwork? Can he express himself in simply English? Can he calculate or make some records?


    Do you know the family? For how long? Do you know the history about them? Do they have a particular ailment that can transcend to others such as leprosy and mental disorder?

Background Check

    Has he or she been in relationship before? Has he or she been dating before? Has he or she married before? What brought about the divorce? Has he or she given birth before? If he or she has given birth, who do the children stay with? How old are they? Can you bear them? How many sisters have she? If she has many sisters, get in mind that, you would have to support them.

Background Check 2

    How many sisters have he? If he has many sisters then try to win their heart, try to get favor in their sight, try to discuss with your husband to support them because they may think that their brother has abandoned the family and just concentrated on you. Sooner than later, you will be the enemy to eliminate. Note that in Africa, mother – in – law and sister – in – law have great role in contributing to divorce. So one needs to be careful in taking them for a ride. You should check this in your marriage preparation.

Marriage Preparation is very important

    Do not be disheartened. This is because of what a man or a woman has done to your love ones. Therefore all men or all women are the same. Do not conclude that the same thing will happen to you, so you will not marry that person. You can make a change even though there are problems and heartaches in marriage. All depends on how you want yours to be. First and foremost, one must bide his time, seeks counsels from God and seeks counsels from the parents and experienced women and men. Make thorough checks and follow ups.

The Results in wring Choice

    According to the clause in (Matt: 19: 6), if one makes a wrong choice, there is no way he or she can abandon the partner. One is going to be an albatross hanging about the neck.

Wrong choice can result in:

  • Infidelity
  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Suicide
  • Fear and Panic
  • Untimely Divorce

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